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Bond referendum offers plenty of positives for students, community

Are you proud to be a Chickasaw?

New building is simply too big

First off, I would like to thank everyone for the replies to my letters to the editor.Some need to realize that I sometimes use sarcasm or tongue in cheek humor to get my point across.

Our students and community are ‘worth it’

As a young, newly married member of the New Hampton Community School District, I am voting YES on the upcoming school bond election.

Say ‘yes’ to our youth during Feb. 7 vote

Each day in our department, New Hampton Parks and Recreation, we continue to work to provide good quality programs for the youth in our communities.  The programs we have today are nothing like the programs we had over 100 years ago.

Chickasaw wrestlers will finally be able to avoid the bus on Saturday

On Nov. 29, the New Hampton boys basketball team played its home opener.Three days later, the Chickasaw girls hoops team did the same.The wrestling team? Well, it traveled ... a lot.

Wrapping up another great year in style

Before we plunge into 2017, we want to take a quick look back at the end of another year that showed why in and around Chickasaw County is such a great place to live, work and play.Let's face it, the holidays can be a stressful time of the ye

Christmas spirit may have arrived late but it was special nonetheless

I’m not sure when the Christmas spirit hit me this year, but it was awfully late in the season.I’m going to be totally frank here: I can’t wait to bid 2016 farewell, but I’m not going to dwell on the negatives — even if they seemed to come in wave

Now it’s our turn to stay positive

It seems there has been a lot of negative talk and false facts being spread lately on the upcoming school bond election.

There’s too much ‘fancy’ in proposed school

The new plans for the school include a lot of waste and unneeded spending.Part of the building could be a pole barn. That would save a lot of money compared to brick or concrete.

A yes vote on school will help New Hampton grow

I am writing to express my full support to the New Hampton School Board and School District for the expansion of a new grades 5-8 school to be built at the current high school location.Why do I support such a monumental project?Our family has been

Thanks to all who wrote letters in 2016

We have often said this is page is not our page, and if anything, this past year has certainly proven that.Sure, our editor writes a regular column and our assistant editor pens a piece from time time time.

Have an Opinion?

Have an opinion? Write a letter! The New Hampton Tribune welcomes letters to the editor. Deadline for letters is noon on Fridays, and all letters must be signed and include a phone number for verification purposes.

‘Facts’ in letters about referendum are simply misinformation

Two recent opinion letters contained misleading statements about the proposed new middle school building, and the school district in general.

Holiday Lights appreciates support from near and far

Many of your readers are likely familiar with Holiday Lights Magical Nights, the lights display at Decorah Pulpit Rock Campground, benefiting Helping Services for Youth & Families.

It’s time to do more than apply a Band-Aid to our school facilities

In recent weeks, I’ve read two letters to the editor authored by Terry Denner. The letters appear negative in nature regarding the much needed updates for our schools within the New Hampton Community School District.

Let’s remember the reason for the season

As Christmas approaches, it’s easy for us to forget the real meaning of the season.

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