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Farmer has issues with WHO report on processed meat

Will eating bacon and other processed meats really make you sick?
Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) came out with news stating that processed foods are linked to cancer.


As exciting as playoffs are, there are more important things in life

I am sitting here on a Sunday evening wrapped up in emotions I didn’t see coming when I came to the office earlier today.

Let’s embrace groups trying to give us a unique, safe Halloween

While many people are skeptical on this year’s time for trick-or-treating on Halloween I say embrace it!
New Hampton volunteers are trying something new this year and I see a great opportunity for kids and adults alike.


In the end, Halloween is about a lot more than just tons of candy

It’s Monday morning here at the Tribune and I just took a quick glance at Brittany Bierle’s column, which is about Halloween.
Dang. She stole my idea.

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